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Our Mission

Founded on Silver Linings

Walk in the Park Studios is built on optimism. We believe that games can change the world for good, and we're determined to prove it.

Our studio was founded in the 2021, in the green spaces of Dallas, Texas. During the height of Covid lockdowns, we found joy on daily afternoon walks through our local parks. Surrounding ourselves with trees and birdsong became our way of reconnecting with a world that seemed determined to make us feel isolated and anxious. We got to know the bluejays and rabbits that lived along our path, and marked the passage of time by the growth of our favorite trees.


But as the weather warmed and the flowers began to bloom, we noticed something new along our route - people. Despite social distancing rules, and the almost ubiquitous perception that people would rather be on their phones than outside, we found our local park filling up. In the company of families playing soccer, couples on jogs together, and dozens of happy dogs being walked by their happy people, we discovered a powerful silver lining to the pandemic - that in a time of potent solitude, our planet could still give us places to come together.

This observation inspired us to imagine a post-quarantine world full of greener places and happier people. A world where a remembered love of nature united humanity, and inspired us all to act with greater empathy towards the planet and one another. This is the world that Walk in the Park Studios intends to bring to life in our games. We discovered something special that summer in White Rock Creek Park, and we can't wait to share it with you.



Good Vibes Save Lives

Our studio motto is "good vibes save lives". To us that means putting out as much joy and kindness into the world as we can, both in our games and in our lives offscreen. We're committed to making games for everyone, which is why we're building beautiful, beginner-friendly experiences designed with accessibility in mind. Our games are art-driven and violence-free, with an emphasis on fun and relaxation over challenge. In short, they're meant to make you smile.

Our debut game is set in a sustainably-powered version of the future that we believe is within reach. We intend to create game mechanics based on real advancements in green technology, to raise awareness about the scientific innovators striving to create a better world. There's hope for a better future for our planet, and we want to make sure our players know it.


Want to hear more about our ideal world?

We'd love to chat over coffee!

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