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Our Game

Our Debut Project

Walk in the Park Studios is developing a third person puzzle-platformer for two players. Set in a solarpunk version of the future, this art-driven indie game tells the story of a pair of siblings sent as envoys for their people to restore their family's native home. Players will work together to repair this high-tech city's clean energy and agriculture systems, and also bring its endearing robotic inhabitants back to life. Along the way, they'll encounter beautiful environments, dynamic traversal-based puzzles, and endless opportunities to smile.


Inspired by the Classics

We believe that when it comes to game design, "big" doesn't always equal "fun". We're drawing inspiration from the games that raised us to create enjoyable, cohesive experiences for our players without the bloat of many modern AAA titles. Our focus is on making games with simple, engaging core loops and easy-to-master mechanics, so that our users can relax and focus on what really matters - play!


Our design philosophy is inspired by classic games like the Spyro trilogy and early 3D Mario titles, which focused on creating fun moment-to-moment experiences for their players and thoroughly tutorialized mechanics through gameplay. We aim to emulate them by crafting a game where the player experience is a top priority, and the most impactful moments are experienced, not watched in cutscenes.


Co-op First Design

We want playing our games to feel like a visit to your local park - joyful, full of trees, and more fun in good company. Some of the best moments of our lives have been spent gaming together, and that's an experience we want to give everyone who plays a Walk in the Park title. It's our goal to craft the most younger sibling-friendly co-op games in the industry, with beginner-friendly systems and puzzles that allow all players to shine.

We know that some of the most fun moments in multiplayer games happen organically, and we want to provide our players with all the tools they need to create fun experiences for themselves. We're incorporating lots of optional side content and fun tools to allow players to interact with the world and each other in new ways. Squirt gun tag, anyone?



Welcome to the Future!

We've always been inspired by nature, and our games are too. Our debut title is set in a not-so-distant future where humans have crafted technologies and ways of being that let us exist in harmony with nature. The game takes place in a futuristic city that epitomizes these concepts in all aspects, from its architecture to its clean energy systems. As players explore, they'll find themselves immersed in a world teeming with life and color, which will grow more beautiful as they interact with it.

We're passionate about creating a future that feels both beautiful and attainable. Our level design and game mechanics are inspired by real advancements in climate science and engineering being made around the world today. We want to give our players a chance to experience these technologies firsthand, and showcase a hopeful version of the future.


Want to find out more?

We'd love to chat over coffee!

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